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The Artist

Hello again. I would like to take a moment
to share with you a little about myself.

The inevitable statement/question, "You're
Carlos Ramirez? You don't look like a
Carlos." If I only had a dollar for every
time I heard that in my life. Well... My
mother is a beautiful woman in whom I
have inherited many of my facial features
and color. My dad is a strong and creative Latino, born in Puerto Rico, in whom I
have taken on many attributes such as my creative abilities and temperament.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort
Lauderdale in September of 1987. I've done
free lance work (Illustration, graphic design,
layout) and have been an Art director for
Orlando Business Journal and Tampa Bay
Business Journal.

I started a family early in life (with no regrets) and so I had to find ways to provide for them quickly. This took me away from my desire of art for a while. In 1999 I started my own business through an inspired word. The name of the business is Custom Ram Design, Inc. customramdesign.com At first it was a simple concrete coating business, but not to long after my creative side started showing up. Now, Custom Ram Design, Inc. is known for creative concepts in artistic concrete coating designs.

In 2007 my oldest child graduated high school and started college. This was an event that, though I prepared my son (Who has exceeded all of my expectations in the transition and is well on his way in life) and myself for, I was not handling it well. This inspired the “The Doors of Life” and the beginning of my desire to become a professional artist and painter.


Carlos Ramirez, Jr.

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